In this hour, all-female animation studio Mighty Oak joins filmmaker and Fictionless co-founder Shruti Ganguly to discuss entrepreneurship and the process for conceptualizing, developing, and collaborating on films. Composed of animators Emily Collins and Michaela Olsen, and producer Jessica Petersen, Mighty Oak specializes in hand-made work, stop motion animation, and documentary techniques. Past collaborators have included Mashable, Samsung, The New York Times, and many others. Shruti Ganguly is an award-winning film and television producer who has produces three feature films with James Franco and Rabbit Bandini Productions, and held multiple creative leadership positions including VP of Video + TV at NYLON, Producer at Conde Nast Entertainment and Senior Producer at MTV Networks. She is currently producing a new film in partnership with Keanu Reeves, and will be directing a full feature early this summer.‚Äč

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Produced by: Scott Newman & Laura Feinstein 

Design By: Ray Marrero

photography by: Alexa Hoyer

Hosted By: Rich Awn

sound by: Brian Ashburn Davis

Audio Editing By: Carlos Fonseca