sustainability in fashion  

In this conversation, Bionic Yarn’s co-founder, Tyson Toussant, and Brand Manager, Alex Tapia, join Nest’s executive director and founder, Rebecca van Bergen, to address the complex supply-and-distribution process in contemporary fashion design. Listen as they discuss the nature of the clothing food chain, creating better work environments, and bringing creativity back to process.


Bionic Yarn is a New York City-based organization that produces fabric and thread from recycled ocean plastic. Under creative director and recording artist Pharrell Williams, they have collaborated with brands such as Nike, G-Star, H&M and others.


Winner of last year’s “Fabric of Change” award, Nest is a not-for-profit that works in over 50 countries to create opportunities for artisans, especially women, in the developing world. 



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Produced by: Scott Newman 

Designed by: Ray Marrero

photography by: Alexa Hoyer

ON AIR Intro By: Rich Awn

Live sound by: Brian Ashburn Davis

audio editing By: Carlos Fonseca