inside RADIOtopia's
world of podcasts

In this special feature, we are treated to a live recording of Radiotopia’s Listening Party hosted by Executive Producer Julie Shapiro. In front of an exclusive audience, popular hosts take us through their process, thoughts, and explorations. Here, the line between “makers and listeners” gets blended, as we go on a curated trip through Radiotopia's history. Listen as hosts and producers behind The Truth, Radio Diaries, The Heart, and Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything represent the new golden age of audio storytelling.


“We like to be part of this growing audio culture. It’s contagious!” says Shapiro, who believes that this new wave of creators is blending entertainment, citizen journalism, and long-form narrative like never before.  


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Produced By: Scott Newman 

Designed By: Ray Marrero

ON AIR Intro By: Rich Awn

photography by: Alexa Hoyer

sound by: Brian Ashburn Davis 
Audio Editing By: Carlos Fonseca