the art of audio storytelling


Joe Richman, producer and host of Radio Diaries, leads work x work Creative Director, Scott Newman, through a discussion about experience, craft, and audio storytelling. 


Drawing from his experience of “being in front of the mic as opposed to behind the mic,” Richman began as a reporter and producer before switching to the other side to pioneer his own form of immersive journalism. Taking the interviewer out of the narrative, he hands the storytelling directly to the characters themselves—creating audio diaries.  


There’s something about audio that really allows people to relax and be themselves.” Listen to examples of Radio Diaries’ award-winning documentaries, including their most recent series, “working,” based on newly discovered tapes recorded in the 70’s by author Studs Terkel.


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Produced by: Scott Newman 

Design By: Ray Marrero

photography by: Alexa Hoyer

ON AIR Intro By: Rich Awn

sound by: Brian Ashburn Davis

Audio Editing By: Carlos Fonseca