the art in objects


Curator and gallerist Patrick Parrish joins lighting designer Bec Brittain and ceramicist Cody Hoyt to explore the process of design and the unique point of views of these creative iconoclasts. Listen as they discuss how artistic frustrations can lead to breakthroughs, the methodical approach to discovering new mediums, unorthodox workspaces, and finding a niche in the massive NYC art scene.


Bec Brittain is considered one of NYC’s premier lighting artists, and studied philosophy and architecture before turning to this medium. She has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Elle DÉCOR, Case Da Abitare, and Wallpaper Magazine. 


Trained as a printmaker and painter, Brooklyn-based Cody Hoyt has made waves for his multi-faceted, hand-marbled, avant garde ceramics.


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Produced by: Scott Newman 

Designed by: Ray Marrero

photography by: Alexa Hoyer

ON AIR Intro By: Rich Awn

Live sound by: Brian Ashburn Davis

audio editing By: Carlos Fonseca