The Living Room Nomadic:
chris riffle + live footage

Jennifer Gilson presents The Living Room Nomadic—a series of live, intimate performances featuring singer/songwriters and artists with a unique point of view. In this feature, performances by singer/songwriter Chris Riffle and the producing, music-making-and-film-scoring duo of Live Footage.


Chris, who hails from rural Washington State, is best known for his collegiate self-release Sun Is Up, which helped land him early support from the influential indie band Death Cab For Cutie. In recent years, he has collaborated with The Mars Volta and Antony and the Johnsons, as well as a stint opening for Heather Nova. His sound, an ethereal blend of contemporary rock, with a touch of Chris Isaak winsomeness, blends themes of procrastination and heartbreak, with the full range of human experience.


Live Footage is known for weaving classical music through analog tapes to create cinematic soundscapes. They have scored documentaries, sci-fi films, plays, and action and suspense sequences, and their clients have included  BET, HBO, Van Cleef, UNICEF, Rag & Bone, VICE (and many others). 




Produced by: Scott Newman 

Designed by: Ray Marrero

photography by: Alexa Hoyer

ON AIR Intro By: Rich Awn

Live sound by: Brian Ashburn Davis

audio editing By: Carlos Fonseca