In this segment, we spoke with comedians Jena Friedman, former field producer at The Daily Show, and writer comedian Amanda Duarte, co-creator of the viral #pussygrabsback hashtag and the Dead Darlings salon series, on the power of comedy. In our conversation, we also explore humor and the 2017 election, DIY abortions, whether cake can be therapy, "Pussygate," and the release of Friedman's first hour-long show American Cunt--now available on Seeso. "If you can wrap things in a joke, you can disarm people," says Friedman. And if you can't laugh now, the next four years are going to be rough. Hosted by Laura Feinstein.‚Äč

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Production by: Scott Newman & Laura Feinstein 

Design By: Ray Marrero

photography by: Alexa Hoyer

Hosted By: Rich Awn

sound by: Brian Ashburn Davis

Audio Editing By: Carlos Fonseca