In this riveting hour, filmmaker Raafi Rivero sits down with photographer Andre D. Wagner and Fusion's executive director of audio Mandana Mofidi to explore the rich craft and technique that goes into documenting daily life. The trio also discusses issues of race, walking that delicate balance between popular aesthetics and personal vision, the often undocumented diversity that lives within cities, and who actually calls the shots when it comes to "what is or isn’t beautiful".


Raafi Rivero is an award-winning lensman, who’s created numerous short films, music videos for artists like Ghostface Killah and Styles P, and, most recently, the full-length feature film “72 Hours: a Brooklyn Love Story?” He has also developed commercial projects for HBO, Microsoft, Sony, and The Rockefeller Foundation.
Andre D. Wagner’s portraits and documentary photographs are gaining widespread recognition. His analog and digital works have appeared in solo and group exhibitions in New York, Paris, and Los Angeles and is reguarly featured in the NYT, LA Times, The FADER, Business Insider and many others. 
Mandana Mofidi is a multi-talented, multi-media powerhouse. Prior to her work with Fusion, she was a producer for VICE HBO, CBS, and FRONTLINE, as well as a freelance radio journalist for Monocle Magazine.


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Produced By: Scott Newman 

Designed By: Ray Marrero

ON AIR Intro By: Rich Awn

photography by: Alexa Hoyer

sound by: Brian Ashburn Davis 
Audio Editing By: Carlos Fonseca